Kamala Fiddles with Her Hair then Makes a Ridiculous Statement…


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GOP War Room – Kamala Harris: “There’s Nothing About [Abortion] That Will Require Anyone To Abandon Their Faith”

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There are many people of faith who would like to know by what authority she has to make this statement, other than her own arrogance. Anytime something troubles our conscience ( and I speak as an agnostic), shouldn’t we at least consider those thoughts before acting on them?? It’s more than people of faith who find abortion without limits as troubling.

What would she know about faith? Having an affair with a married for success then betraying him – sounds like a great woman of God

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  1. So now heels up harris is trying to tell acta religious people what is involved in their faith.

    Hey harris most of the faiths do not condone sucking on Willie’s brown to get a head.

    Talk about unbelievable arrogance mixed with massive amounts of stupid.

    Heels up harris is one very good reason why you simply can not vote democrat ever.

  2. Well least she didn’t try to “ act” black like the last Kenyan born guy that occupied the WH. If she was surrounded by blacks.. she would be jiving it up

  3. she is just a GUTTER TRASH PIECE OF SCHIET , and there is no other way around it. She is what she is , G.T.P.O.S.

  4. Wait a minute..she said the government should not decide what a woman does with her body. But yet the government can decide that everyone gets the COVID-19 vaccines. Aren’t they deciding what people should put into their body?

  5. U can’t fix stupid. Another totally incompetent, embarrassment, that has no bussiness being the VP. or in the government.

  6. Maxine Walters, Alexandria Cortez (AOC) Speaker Pelosi, caught trash talking against the high court decision overturning Roe vs Wade. could this be a different type of infection, spreading from monkey pox? effecting the minds of democrat women in politics? What could be causing such violent outrages behavior for public officials?


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