Joe Biden’s Presidency ‘A Case Of Elder Abuse’ Playing Out In Real Time


Joe Biden’s presidency is getting to the point where it should be classed as “elder abuse” and the media are enabling it, Sky News host James Morrow says. Mr Morrow pointed to the US President signing the government’s $USD739 billion Inflation Reduction Act into law. “Check out how absolutely with-it the president looks, right down to the glassy eyes – which remind me more of the time my spaniel was coming out of anaesthesia than of a vigorous president in the prime of his life,” Mr Morrow said.


Appreciate your saying this, those if us who have taken care of our aging elderly parents or friends have wondered why people aren’t the least bit concerned. Mass formation psychosis in action.

I’ve been saying this for months: If he had ANYONE in his corner who trully cared abut him, they’d be publically avocating for this nonesense to stop.


  1. Yes, I sound like a broken record but………………… PUT AN AGE LIMIT on the presidency… Please… save America. How old are you? If you are over seventy can you still manage a huge house? Lawn work? Drive 90 mph and not crash? Not forget names, bills that need to be paid… Hey , we all get there, but thank gawd we aren’t responsible for running America. I know that reality has become a casualty of the WOKE, but come on.. folks , look at him, look at your great grandmother.. and picture them with the burden of caring for the American people. ALL the people. ALL

  2. I wouldn’t call it elder abuse. When this, (I wouldn’t call him a man), ran for president he’s suppose to be mentally fit and cognitively functional. Yet, he arrogantly refuses to take a cognitive test, cause he knows he’s gonna fail 100%. And that’s why I blame Biden and him alone for stupidly wanting the job of the presidency. Seems like he’s not stupid in destroying this country. I don’t feel sorry for him, I CAN’T stand him.


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