Jill Biden Reveals How Bad Joe’s Diagnosis REALLY Is



I thought Everyone Around him when he was diagnosed had to also Quarantine for 5 days? Amazing how the science changes with who has be diagnosed.

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  1. It is pretty plain that our Mumbler-In-Chief, Joe Biden, isn’t playing with a full deck…but what recourse does the American public have available to counter the severe social and economic damage already visited upon our nation by this mindless twit, and his shadowy backers and promoters?

  2. Amazing how the internet has become a platform for spreading so many hostile comments. Wonder who contributed the most to this momentum? DJT????????????????

    • Wrong. It all started from you Leftists and now conservatives are answering back, maybe empowered by Trump, or maybe people sick of the garbage coming from your side. I guess you think it was accurate when every single Republican running for POTUS since Reagan was a despotic, fascist, Hitler lover?

    • Very well said but his followers will never admit to that there is such evil in this country since he appeared as a Presidential candidate!!

  3. Couldn’t have said it any better! I feel if the conservatives don’t get just as nasty as those socialists (communists) who call masquerade as democrats, they will lose.

  4. Unfortunately, some people can’t argue policy differences properly, so they resort to name calling and put downs. Just like grade school children. SAD!


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