Jan 6th: They Don’t Want You To Know THIS…


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Russell Brand – Whatever you think about events on Jan 6th 2020, are the current hearings just an excuse for more political theatre? And will anything actually be achieved other than more domestic terrorism laws that both sides of the political establishment want?

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We aren’t a pure democracy, but a representative republic. The problem is that our representatives no longer speak for us.. but speak for those who give them money.

Russell is spot on. Our US government is mostly about the entertainment and shock factor in it’s conveyance of confusion upon the very people they are supposed to be representing, while reaping the rewards of steering our tax revenues toward selfish endeavors.

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  1. Well, I for one, believe this 1000% W.D.C. a stantuary for these that are elected an are LIARS and CORRUPT THIEVES, and demo-communist.

    • He got a lot of good points however where I disagree is he doesn’t understand that yes the folks under the LGBQRXYZ banner are people, duh! However their lifestyles are immoral biblically speaking! Furthermore when the moral fiber of a society collapses so does that society!
      You could ask Noah or Lot who barely escaped the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah if they were still alive.
      Hmmmm where do we think the term “SODOMY” came from.
      What people do behind closed doors is their business, but they cross the line when they force their perversions on an unwilling majority!!
      Homosexuals enjoy the same rights under the constitution as any other American but to have special rights because they choose to practice sodomy is out!!!
      Did you know most pedophiles are homosexuals?
      No one will win against God whether you chose to believe in Him or not, pretty stupid if you don’t!

  2. This committee and its proceedings are nothing more than political theater, reminiscent of the “show” trials perpetrated by Hitler and Stalin. The Left/Democrats seek to undo our Constitution and impose their globalist totalitarian system.

  3. That’s why Trump has been needed for decades, but the swamp is also more formidable than anyone expected. With God’s help, we can still overcome the evils of the NWO and corruption in government.


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