I’ve Never Been So Embarrassed Of My Country But This Is Funny AF!!!!!


US President Joe Biden proved this week he will read anything on an autocue “Ron Burgundy style”, says Sky News host Rita Panahi. The leader of the free world recently accidentally read his autocue instructions during a White House address. “Who is running America – President Biden or the person operating his autocue?” Ms Panahi said.


I’ve never been so embarrassed of my country but this is funny AF!!!!!

At this point we just need a sitcom laugh track to go along with everything he says.


  1. How long do we have to put up with total braindead,embarrassment? This isn’t funny anymore, this traitor,racist,perv,senile,frail,old,puppet,fool is a danger to our country and national security, and needs to be removed for total incompetency.

  2. This dud is not on charge of anything even himself. Unless changes are made in this government and SOON, we are finished forever period. The America haters (millions of voters) may get their wish after all. Too bad the rest of us will suffer and are suffering as a result.

  3. Yes he is not just incompetent but he is corrupt, a traitor, racist, perv, senile, frail, puppet, old fart and should be impeached!

  4. Apparently ballet fraud is legal because, their still in the White House/controlling Congress, fraud has been proven what is the hold up, lots of winning/crying that’s it !

  5. There seems to be a consensus as to the removal.of Joe but there is also a consensus that Harris is not the favored replacement. We can go on down the line but the results are the same. Without legal intervention against the total socialistic democrat party we don’t have a snow balls chance in hell. Our only hope is the supreme court. They need to protect our constitutional rights which is being taken away from us and the sh*t Joe Biden and staff is nothing but punishable offenses against the American people. It’s time to fill cells in Ft Leavenworth with Joe and the socialistic gang!

  6. What an IMBECILIC RETARD!!! And yet the most coherent and apt person for the office of the president, Donald J Trump, they want to bury in a MOUNTAIN OF BUUUUUULLSHIT! With their fake J6 NAZI show trial. Biden is just a puppet of Obama and the Deep State. THAT’S who Really is running the country. I seen that coming Before 2020 election. I knew that if Biden gets in, it would be like Obama 3.0😡😡😡😡😡😡


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