It’s Time To Reassess Our View Of Kamala Harris


Fox News host Tucker Carlson reflects on Vice President Kamala Harris’ blunders and analyzes why people praise her on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #tucker


“I’m amazed by Tucker’s ability to stop himself from laughing.” karen straughan

“Tucker has clearly not chosen his true vocation as a stand-up comedian. This was
nonstop hilarious. Thank you for helping us to laugh in the face of tragedy. “David Phillipson


  1. Kamala (along with her pal, Michelle Obama) is so uncomfortable in her own skin, she makes everyone else uncomfortable.

  2. It seems like anytime Old Joe F***s something up the media puts more attention to Kami and tells us how stupid she is. She may not be as stupid as she seems. Could it be that she is a pawn to cover up for our stupid ass president?This doesn’t mean she is a genius by any means. Look at the rest of the Biden administration. None have a reputable background! And we wonder why our economy is on the tank. The Democratic party is using stupidity to gain control of our country. The best thing we can do is raise hell with the weak kneed politicians we vote for. Impeachment is too good for Biden and his administration. It time to prosecute them and change their residence to Ft Levenworth. Put the real elected official back in office. The Arnold we got has to go. MAGA!!!!!!

  3. How about REASSESSING the FACT she is not Vice President of The United States!!

  4. Kamala harris is the grand daughter of the largest slave owner in Jamaican history. Kamala is the direct recipient of profit from slavery.
    She got into politics by sucking willie brown whenever he wanted her to. Any African american or feminist who supports the democrat party after they put kamala harris in this high a role is a hypocrite that can not be taken seriously

    Joe biden’s mentor into politics was senator Byrd. Senator byrd was the grand dragon of the real KKK. Now all of you liberals, progressives, democrats, african Americans care to explain your support for the democrat party and their KKK connection?

  5. The Democratic Party platform is morally bankrupt! If the Democratic Party were to ever gain absolute control of America we will find ourselves living in a cesspool of degradation. You can’t name one thing that has any redemptive value in the lives of the progressive left. These people are haters of God and His righteousness. Satan is truly their master. Most of the Democratic Party leadership including the Deep state are of a “reprobate “ mind meaning all their actions and thought processes are demonically influenced. You certainly can’t suggest that a righteous God embraces this sinfulness. God sent His Son to save mankind from their sin. We all have sinned and fallen short yet God made a way through the cross for anyone who confesses his sinfulness repents and ask Christ to forgive them can inherit eternal life. Trouble is mankind is so held captive by satan and unwilling to change that sticking their finger in God’s eye is their choice.


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