If Biden Doesn’t Get Impeached For This….


Fox News host Steve Hilton slams the ‘daily embarrassments’ from President Biden throughout his presidency and weighs in on the alleged corruption of the Biden family. #FoxNews #Fox #Hilton


Completely agree Steve. Regardless of party these corrupt individuals need to be held accountable.

If Biden doesn’t get impeached for this, I seriously don’t know what I’m going to do. I have HAD IT!!!


  1. Impeachment draws closer, The only thing one can say about the bidens, you can fxxx some of the people some of the time, but not all the people, all the time, enjoy the benefits you received from your sales of our American tax payer oil, to your slave driver friends of communist China. WTF, kind of energy policy do you have? Your China first policy will be the cause of your impeachment and the downfall in the midterms of your party.

  2. Tucker just told more and they need to be locked up. They are ruining America. I say they because it is whole family and staff.

  3. You cant impeach an imposter. Stop talking impeachment. He was never elected to the office, therefore should be arrested, tried and executed for high treason.

    • Wow! Exactly my thoughts. Every time I hear “the president,” I think usurper, invader, phony, fake. You know who is a usurper and invader to? Obama. He’s leading Joke Biden thru his ears from his mansion he bought from stealing taxpayers money. The corruption runs deep.

  4. Steve Hilton and his minions of the intellectually challenged should focus on solutions, instead of their misguided rants on negative and destructive ideas that will assure their being sidelined.

    • Understanding the problem comes with solving it.

      As to ”intellectually challenged,” you describe no one save possibly yourself.

  5. Hidenbiden and his crackhead son, need to be locked up, for treason. They sold us out to china,russia,iran,ukraine, plenty of evidence to investigate this crime family.

  6. All I read and people I talk to despise Joe Biden and his friends and family. We could do without him. I have no clue as to who could replace him. We could do better with Homer and Bart Simpson. Impeachment is a great idea but you need judicial punishment with 80% of the Democratic Party. There are only a few dems who could be trusted to run our country but they aren’t going to be supported. Let’s stop now, declare a national emergency and have the Supreme Court appoint a conservative to the office to finish out Biden’s term. My suggestion would be Donald Trump and DeSantis!!!

  7. The democrats are not going to impeach biden. They are too dishonest for that.

    You have to wait until the Republicans control the house and senate. Then a whole bunch of democrats need to be impeached and put in prison.


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