HAHA! Hillary BRUTALLY MOCKED As Everyone Spots What She’s Wearing At Venice Film Festival



No Comment . Hillary already roasted herself with this one .

This woman is so wealthy it is sickening. Why on earth would she make an appearance in such a dis-flattering dress. She can afford to hire all the fashion experts available out there to advise her. Make-up artists and fashion experts can do wonders. They can turn any sow’s ear into a silk purse for the day. Same thing goes for her pant suits. There are many women in politics that wear pant suits, but a lot of them manage to look very feminine in those outfits, if they are tailored properly. Of course, at this point Killary may be unable to understand that she is a ‘female’. She may be attempting to find some kind of neutral clothing. There are men in some countries that wear such robe-like clothing over their pants. My grandmother always said, “Shee-it lives forever.” I am beginning to think she was right.


  1. If killary runs again in 2024, she should wear that kind of wardrobe. Yeah, she’s gutsy to go out in public like that. Hillary has gone insane, she must be in some satanic cult. Lock her up. She’s lost her mind completely, oh but Trump voters are the deplorables. Lock her up!

  2. I like that look for her.She always dresses like a male.She is transforming back to the female type of dress or rigalia.Anything is better than her jack and jill jump suits.Lets hope if she keeps going this route she wears underwear and a Bra!I will bet Bill cant keep his hands off her in that unit.

  3. At least she made it to the top of the stairs macho-man. Learn how to wear a pocket handkerchief properly before attempting to be a fashionista
    and critiquing others.


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