Almost like she’s talking about what they’ve done to Trump for six years and counting. She’s literally spelling out what they did.

I 100% agree. Planting evidence is very realistic.


  1. The fbi needs to be completely defunded. Every single employee fired all existing and future pensions revoked and all se ior leaders put on trial for treason and then hung.

    The fbi has always been corrupt and it is time to end that part of our government.

    Garland needs to be impeached put in prison and have all his assets confiscated. Then put on trial for treason and insurecction with a new college grad public defender. Followed by a nice slow hanging.

    The doj needs to be shut down and then rebuild with a new law that makes it illegal for them to lie to the citizens and make it a felony for them to violate the constitution.

    Finally we need a new voting law that say no government paid person has the right to vote. You give up the right when you accept a job with the government.

    • no government paid person has the right to vote. You give up the right when you accept a job with the government.

      That has to be the most asinine statement I’ve read in a while. That would eliminate all military personnel. all doctors and nurses. custodians, office workers in just the VA system.. any forest service , border patrol…etc .

      You might want to rethink or maybe just think before posting.

      You might want to rethink that post.

  2. I rather trust a prostitute telling me she was a virgin that I would an FBI that was not dirty. The entire department needs to be defunded and the head of the departments need to be in jail.

  3. The Democrats wanted to defund every law enforcement agency in the Country, whether local police, Ice,Border Patrol etc. The only agency they did not want to defund was the FBI. If that doesn’t tell you how corupt they are, then you need to go see a Dr. because there is something seriously wrong with you.

  4. Stop letting democrats commit abuse of power/taxpayers moneys. Must put a end to their ongoing acts of corruption or it will be over for all the good people in America.

  5. As soon as I heard about the raid on Trump, I knew that they would PLANT whatever they could to try to keep him from running for president again, the all commie dumbocrats know that they do not stand a chance, of winning the next election, if it is properly done. So they bring in the Gestapo to plant false evidence, to try to keep Trump from running/winning. Usual crap from these Morons.


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