Doocy SLAMS Press Sec After Kavanaugh Was Confronted At Dinner


They don’t care about the Justices’ safety.


Businesses need to step up and say no protesting on their private property/establishments

Doocy is the only journalist who gives a damn about asking actual questions to this sham admin.


  1. China gets our oil reserves? What does Biden owe China? What are the bidens on the hook for? big guy iies, Americans owe China nothing. Last thing we received was poison pet food, lead painted toys, fxxxed up dry and the virus that they have yet to admit too. Our emergency reserves being paid for by slave labor profits. Corruption in the White House against our American way of life in favor of communist China.

    • Unfortunately their brains are so skewed that they view the conservative side as the nazi fascists! Let’s see what China does to these big mouths once they take over our country. Like I always say, the liberals can’t see past their noses on ANY issue!

  2. The corruption is through and through and they know it. The sleepy side of the USA continues to sleep through this and continues through ignorance to allow this to happen. If the government gives them something for free, they are okay with all of this. The years of indoctrination of “racism” and “victimization” has caused this segment of society to cow tow to the liberal agenda. So there you have it folks, that’s where we are now!

  3. Think Obama has been an influence in this administration? He’s almost as bad as Biden, just not as stupid. The whole Democratic Party needs to get out of politics and get lost, and that includes Obama along with bubbling Joe. Why hasn’t something been done about getting this fool out of the white house and into a nursing home. He’s corrupt, and his entire administration is corrupt, yet nothing but talk is being done. How long do we have to wait to get Trump back? I never cared for his personality, but at least he was for America, which no doubt, he loved!

  4. Federal laws on the books disallowing protests at their homes or any where else to intimidate Supreme Court justices or other federal judges.
    Just not being enforced by the AG
    If it was the democrats justices the law would be enforced.
    Biden administrations justice dept is a complete joke like the rest of them

  5. Peaceful protest? Oh yeah, like when BLM and ANTIFA were burning buildings and threatening police. Remember when Obama used the phrase, “leading from behind.” Well looks like Joke Biden must be wearing some tiny ear buds listening from Obama’s basement. All I can say is, if President Trump was in charge none of this would be happening.


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