Donald Trump To Be ARRESTED Tuesday & Held Without Bail! Elon Musk Explains Why This Will BACKFIRE



The Fact That They’re So Scared Of Donald Trump Makes Me Definitely Want To Vote For Him Again

If They Do This They Guarantee Him The Republican Nomination And The Presidency. God Help Us All If They Do Anything Worse.


  1. I agree with the above comments: If they go after Trump again like they have many times before, it will guarantee that Biden will lose and Trump will win bigger than before. People are not dumb. They know this fiasco is based totally on destroying Trump and has nothing to do with anything else. They, however, are guaranteeing that Trump will win the presidency again because people do not like how viscous Biden and the left are. If the left can’t win on their own accord but have to destroy someone to win, who wants them in office.

  2. The only reason they are doing this is that they can’t use dead people to vote for them or manipulate the voting. So if they can get him in jail then he will be out of their way so they can do whatever they want.

  3. Do we know this for a fact? They have already blown their cover on pumping a misdemeanor up to a felony for absolutely NOTHING.. He paid off a whore, but what was the criminal offense when Slick Willy said we don’t know what “Is, is”.. when he played hide the cigar with Monica? Or when JFK let Monroe slither into the White House to bone her? Once again they are the hypocrites who participate in the bad behavior, but are the first to call the cops if they can benefit by smearing an opponent. Trump would have done much better if he had not called for protests. It just lets Jan. 6th become a talking point and comparison and lays out a pattern that the Left can use to define his infantile behavior. He needs to grow the hell up and start acting like a man in his 70’s who wants to lead. Not a 7 year old who wants to name call, stir the pot and throw rocks. That sht took him down in the public eye in the first place. Face it. America has dozens and dozens of job openings for comedians, pod casters, cult leaders, motivators to commit violence, thug gang leaders and babies. They are a dime a gross, but there is only ONE opening for leader of the greatest country in the FREE world, and he needs to act like that person. STOP with the whining, or it will sound like a bad imitation of WOKE. Take the higher ground. Act like a man, not one of the mean girls. The Left has no case, so let them make fools of themselves over nothing. Don’t give them what they want by starting more sht. Its what they are hoping for.

  4. You people are so damn dumb. Watch something besides FOX FABRICATING NEWS and you might see what’s really going on in this country. Now go ahead and give the jackass your money because that’s what he wants. IDIOTS


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