Creep: Biden The Hair-Sniffing Pedo (Radiohead Parody)



As a massive Radiohead fan I must say, you did a great job. Probably one of the most overrated and overplayed songs by them, but also one of the most well known songs of all time and a lot easier to parody than their others.

Holy crap! This is brilliant. This need to be playing on every radio station nationally. Not sure if Radiohead would approve but I give it a huge


  1. Hey, when he was 10, he used to run around the hood sniffing girls bicycle seats but as he aged he found a way to still get his fix … He is a perv. I wonder what he does with Jill? He , Slick Willy, JFK, all of them are whores. They will sacrifice anything,,, ANYTHING for a piece of A….. Hypocritic , p- chasing pervs who have disgraced their office. Our only hope is that Jellyballs Joe kicks off

    • Recently read where old poopypants senile stupid Joe said he had a faggot encounter with his dad as a child. Setting up Joe with girly faggot boys would be right up his alley, according to Joe.

  2. We all know Democrats/liberals/progressives love perversion. look at Biden cabinet. Any that are not perverts have the brains of a small rodent.

    I think it is time to be honest and pass a law that says if you are pro liberal/progressive/democrats than for you there is no suck thing as rape, offensiveness, pornography, abuse, delinquency or intrusion. you gave up those rights/ laws/ legal options when you chose to be a liberal/progressive/democrats. they may be charged with suck crimes by conservatives but they may not claim, or charge others with those crimes because they believe in them. It will include their children and their aged family members.

    Since the progressives/liberals/democrats choose to live in a world of perversion then they have to right to claim other impact them with perversion.

  3. Biden is a mem5 of perverts R us. Don’t forget he raped a aid when vp. She’s come out about it to get the truth out for all to see what kind of a person Old Joe is. Not like we don’t know already


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