Case Against Electric Vehicles Keeps Getting ‘Stronger And Stronger’


Sky News host James Morrow says the case against electric vehicles keeps getting “stronger and stronger”. “Yet the Albanese government seems to keep insisting that by 2030, 89 per cent of the new cars we sell in this country are going to be these glorified golf buggies,” he said.


In California they’re telling people not to set their air conditioning too low and buy an electric car at the same time. What could possibly go wrong?

If they’re powered by a city grid, doesn’t that mean EV’s are coal powered?


  1. For one thing,if they catch of fire you almost can’t put it out, that will cause a special kind of pollution that is best kept in California, where they are use to fires they can’t put out.

  2. U can’t fix stupid, with these radically,left=wing liberal,socialist,marxist,dumbocraps.They keeping making the same mistakes, and expect a different outcome, we call that insanity,and they have plenty of it.

  3. The electric pile of shit is just a fad like the hybrids were under Oboob. Big sales pitch by the corrupt government and car companies. The fad collapsed during Oboob’s last term and this idiotic fad will collapse before poopypants senile Joe is finished. I have no doubt that someday the internal combustion engine will be replaced but it won’t happen when a corrupt government run by a man who has to have someone wipe his ass tries to force a very flawed replacement onto the American people.

  4. And they went up $10K and how is a 70 year old supposed to afford or anyone who is middle or poor class and electric vehicle with a lithium highly dangerous battery in it. We use these for RC planes and they catch on fire and cannot be put out with water. Not happening and they explode. They effed in the head. DRILL USA OIL AND GAS AND OPEN THE PIPELINE BEFORE RUSSIA DECIDES TO STEAL ALASKA. PUTIN HAS HIS EYE ON IT AND IT WAS RUSSIA’S BEFORE!

  5. I don’t know who Joe Biden’s trainer is but this is getting frustrating. Joe can’t be held responsible for his actions because his actions are being force feed. He says what he’s told to say and do what he’s told to do. I think it’s time to find out the truth about this administration and correct it. The person or persons responsible need to be punished and put Joe and staff out to pasture. Believe me I’m not a Joe Biden fan or a democrat but this is not the leadership this country needs and after a year and a half of this stupid sh*t I’m convinced Joe Biden is the sick mouth piece for hatred of our country. To whoever is leading this attack on America I hope you get persecuted and put in Leavenworth for the rest of your life.


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