Canada Sues Joe Biden for THIS…


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– Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) questions witnesses from the Canadian Government and energy companies about cooperation between the United States and Canada in regards to creating energy and mining during a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing last week.

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Calling this administration an incompetent train wreck, is like calling the Titanic a minor boating accident.

Brandon is a prime example of EVERYTHING that’s wrong with modern day society.

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  1. Is their anybody this is not suing biden and his crew? Biden and the democrats back on a gun control issues, since the tragic school shooting in Texas, yet, people who do break the laws, purchase guns buy lying on State and Federal applications, go Scott free, without any repercussions, even thou a ton of laws were broken.such as the presidents son Hunter Biden, or maybe even more democrats who have the laws sweep under the carpet, and this includes the Secret Service, the DOJ, and even the president with his “pay to play financial gains”.Time for change is right, it starts with the mid terms,and ends with impeachments, jail time, mandatory restitution for money gained from adversaries under illegal means,

  2. I would like to know who F.CJ.B. is going to blame , when he is finally impeached and kicked out of office, he only has 10 fingers to point blame to, and not one finger will be pointed back at. You can bet you bottom dollar on that.

  3. The truth is America would be better off if we embraced tge China culture and put every single democrat and liberal in a concentration camp and havested orgins out of the young ones and made fertilizer out of the older ones.

    There is not aspect of America these idiots have not screwed up.

  4. The left loves to milk any crises that benefits their agenda. The left news is still talking about the Jan 6th freedom invasion while ignoring the Hunter Biden laptop and the dirty dealings of Joke Biden. What happen to the failure of the Astan withdrawal that cost the people $17 Billion in military giveaway? We the people are their bosses and the sooner they realize this the better. But yet they whore and beg for our votes to keep them in office. Get out and vote these people out!!!!

  5. As for suing Joe Biden Canada is rightfully doing us a favor but he has laughed at the American people for all we asked him to do.
    Joe is far from being a good president or a thoughtful person. Thanks for nothing Joe. That’s exactly what we get from you! NOTHING!!


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