Biden: I’m on vacation, I’m not going to talk to you…


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GOP War Room
– Biden Tells Reporter He Won’t Answer Her Question While He’s On His Weekly Vacation

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The fact they refer to him as pres_dent is ridiculous. We all know he was put in there, he didn’t win.

You’ve only got a few hours a day when he’s “working” allegedly starts 10am and finishes at 2pm.

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  1. What an embarrassment, this racist,perv, senile,frail,feeble,old,puppet,fool, I’m always on vacation, with DJT,living in my head. U better get to work,because your not going to be there long.

  2. Maxine Walters, Alexandria Cortez (AOC) Speaker Pelosi, caught trash talking against the high court decision overturning Roe vs Wade. could this be a different type of infection, spreading from monkey pox? effecting the minds of democrat women in politics? What could be causing such violent outrages behavior for public officials?

  3. Maxine says she will go over the SCOTUS to get
    what she wants. Where does this planet of the apes bitch thinks she gets so much power. The problem with her is she thinks through her ass not her brain. It’s idiots like her who will never let our society recover from racism. Dumbness is bliss!!!!!


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