Biden Confused Over Direct Question about Hunter….


Image from video below…

GOP War Room – Joe Biden Is Confused When Asked Why US Hasn’t Sanctioned Russian Oligarch Who Gave Hunter $3.5M

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Looked more like dismay. He never believed the press would be allowed to ask him about his family’s criminal overseas dealings

I can always tell when Biden doesn’t have his medical cocktail.

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  1. White House adviser claims high gas prices necessary for ‘future of the liberal world order’ The WW 11 german high command talked like that, America does not need these anti-American people in near or around our government,this is not free speech in action but the power crazed democrats trying to hold on to power even thou they fxxx everythig up and can’t control their greed or corruption. Democrats can’t govern, look no further then biden and that team of total fxxx ups he has in office.



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