Biden Claims He Knew About the Shortage… Watch!


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GOP War Room
– President Joe Biden claimed he knew of the baby formula shortage “in early April,” even though he didn’t mention it until May 13, during his White House meeting with President Joe Biden administration officials and infant formula manufacturers on 6/1/2022.

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What crap he didn’t do anything but close the plants down.

He became aware after he couldnt get any

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  1. Well, what is it you either knew it way back when or you did not, so much BS and lies, story changes every day.WHITE HOUSE STAFF RUNNING FOR THE HILLS AS MIDTERMS GET CLOSER,EVEN THE THREE MONKEYS ARE BEGINNING TO TURN ON EACH OTHER, Jim Biden i’m not the fixer, joe is fxxxing crazy, two point eight million in back taxes owed? fix that, the oversight people in congress will be looking into all that and more, biden family pots of gold made flying around on the tax payer dollarS to do what? Don’t know anything, have not seen anything, don’t know why Hunter keep giving us money.

  2. Biden knew about the shortages he and newsom caused. Biden knew about the inflation he caused. Biden knew he was screwing up every aspect of the country.

    Biden and the whole democrat party are treasonous and their election fraud was insurecction.


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