Ben Shapiro Predicts The Left’s 2022 Campaign Slogan


Image from video below…

Ben Shapiro
– The Left is fulling embracing Drag story time for small children. Ben Shapiro reacts.

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A drag queen in every school, but not an armed security guard. Priorities.

“ We are the parents, the government is not the parent,” This should be our slogan

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  1. The US is being paid for oil sales by China with slave labor profits, are the bidens being paid from the same? So… the president’s reprobate crackhead son is invested in a company that is buying our strategic reserves, while we’re paying more than $5 a gallon at the pump. Turner charged, “This is disturbing on multiple levels. To start with, the president told us he was releasing these reserves to lower the price of gas nationally,Treason or corruption or both?


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