Ben Shapiro Predicts The Left’s 2022 Campaign Slogan


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Ben Shapiro
– The Left is fulling embracing Drag story time for small children. Ben Shapiro reacts.

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A drag queen in every school, but not an armed security guard. Priorities.

“ We are the parents, the government is not the parent,” This should be our slogan

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  1. I have it figured out. There is room for compromise. How about: “An armed Drag Queen for the children in every school.”

  2. Really! You give a headline and then do not even give the answer!

    “READ MORE HERE>>>” implies there is something to read?????

  3. I have been telling everyone for over 4 years to hire retired military but now it makes sense that the left wants to bring drag queens to school.

    Time to start homeschooling your kids folks

      • That’s the so-called teachers now! It’s so weird that Disney is acting up regarding the age they want children exposed to their nasty agenda, but at the same time, they obey the movie / film academy ratings! Teach them things they can’t see at movies because they’re too young in public, but old enough for perverted teachers.


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