Banks EXPOSES Pelosi with One Simple Question


Image from video below…

Dinesh D’Souza
– Americans want answers.

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Peloxi needs to be held accountable.. she refused more help like President Donald Trump offered..Peloxi and FBI worked together on 1/6.. they had plenty of time to plan…

We all know that she’s behind it

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  1. It must ne really tough to know you will never get any smarter then dog sxxx, Americans are hurting at the pump, biden asking for lower pump prices, the bidens are selling our oil reserve to communist China?.Why are the bidens can selling off our oil National Oil reserve Reduced now by 50%, ALERT NATIONAL SECURITY RISK, In the first three months of 2022 alone, the U.S. sent nearly 52 million barrels of oil and petroleum to Communist China, Who the fxxx set this deal up ? Hunter Biden?

    • And no more Keystone pipeline, federal oil leases are being ceased and more. When we had President Trump, we were energy independent and China, Iran and everyone else was behaving far better. They respected President Trump! FJB! Let’s Go Brandon!

  2. Leave it to Joe Biden to take charge of anything and he’ll f**k it up! I think the democrats should be held responsible for the gas prices and the Biden administration should be held accountable and liable for cost of all monies paid out extra by the consumers. And screw communist China and all the rest of the third world countries who have taken advantage of the American people. And while we’re at it. Screw Joe Biden! Like it or not Joe you are the most unpopular president EVER!!!!!!

  3. The biden family are nothing more then puppets on a string for Communist China, look how much money HUNTER HAS TAKEN IN FROM CHINA TO BE SHARED WITH THE BIDEN CRIME FAMILY.


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