5 Reasons Clarence Thomas is a PIMP!


While the idiots over at the left are wasting everyone’s time crapping on the reputation of Justice Clarence Thomas, We thought it would be appropriate, nay, necessary to give this Pimp some Shine.


“Justice Clarence Thomas is a GODLY man, a great American patriot and a Blessing for this country. GOD BLESS him.” BATMAN for PRESIDENT

“Imagine how their heads would explode if we managed to get Thomas Sowell appointed alongside Justice Clarence Thomas….” Richard Cranium


  1. joe biden international joke at the G7 conferance looking to protect NATO borders, when everyone there is laughing their asses off, that he can’t even protect his own US borders.Now we find out covid monies were redirected for other democrat BS programs

  2. He’s not even The President and the whole world knows it! That’s why they’re all laughing at us. And we will not ACCEPT!!!!!


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