WOKE Navy Peddles Pronoun Education Video


Sky News Australia

A US Navy training video educating its members on using correct pronouns is “pure plain insanity”, says former Labor minister Graham Richardson.

In the video Naval Undersea Warfare Centre engineer Jony Rozon said using pronouns is a “signal of acceptance and respect”.

“The fact that an institution like the US Navy can come up with that staggers me,” Mr Richardson told Sky News host Rowan Dean.

“Boy if that’s not an embarrassment to the US military I don’t know what is. You know other countries are laughing at us.” Johnny West

“As an American who served, it used to be all about putting aside personal feelings for the sake of the unit and the mission. Just get the job done on behalf of all of us, period. Most of the people I know haven’t changed. Just the Biden administration and the woke media.” Rick


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