Watch This: Alec Baldwin & Kevin Spacey Fight Over Pride Month


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The Jimmy Dore Show – It’s #Pride month, and according to actor Alec Baldwin there’s no better spokesman for the gay community to call in to The Jimmy Dore Show to talk about #Pride than… Alec Baldwin. Not everyone agrees, however, which is why Baldwin’s disgraced fellow actor Kevin Spacey also calls in to claim the mantle of #Pride spokesman. An argument between the two ensues, requiring Jimmy to play peacemaker.

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Even though Kevin Spacey’s argument was more penetrating, Alec Baldwin killed it.

Don’t worry, Alec, society doesn’t want to hear from us straight black men either. Apparently we’re white.

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  1. Two great Americans don’t so the worst of the worst, Joe thinks thinks he has been elected king, WTF, when the impeachment hearing start, lets see just how much king biden has to have say about corruption.America has never elected kings, the oath of office taken is to protect and serve, we do not have kings anointed in this country and never will, hope the democrats understand that,after the mid terms maybe they will.


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