WATCH NEXT: How Will Overturning Roe v Wade Affect the Midterms?


‘Voting blue is not enough, Democrats we call your bluff!’ The Democratic Party is shattering right before our very eyes, all as the ultra MAGA GOP cements their control over our political institutions! We’re going to look at the left’s rage against the Democrats, and we’re going to see leftist panic as they realize the patriot right is taking the nation by storm and solidifying political power that may indeed last for generations to come; you are NOT going to want to miss this!


“Dr. Steve… You give me hope for the Country when I think there isn’t any left. Thank you.” John B

“We’re finally starting to see the efforts of Build Back Better. Gun rights upheld, personal accountability restored, and freedom of speech/religion is being protected. LETS GO BRANDON!” Thaijler


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