Was The Moon Landing Faked? This Man Believes It Was


Patrick Bet-David sits down with Bart Sibrel. He is an American author and film maker who has written, produced, and directed works in support of the belief that the Apollo moon landings between 1969 and 1972 were staged by NASA under the control of the CIA.


Great interview Patrick, please bring him back. He also addressed the 9/11 collapse, which is so so important. I am a DOB inspector in New York, and I can tell you buildings don’t collapse to their footprint because of an open fire…also, please respect your guest a little more. The guy was so polite and with such a nice attitude, and you were playing on your phone and mocking him throughout the interview. I understand you hit big times and the arrogance comes with the success, but never forget what destiny gave you , destiny can take it back anytime if you have hubris…Great guest!!!

As a graphic designer with an emphasis on realism and lighting chatacteristics, I can say the multiple shadows cast have always been an issue for me. I noticed that from the beginning. However, there are pretty powerfull land based telescopes and university research telescopes-a simple experimenr is to just have a 3rd party independant of any political bias locate the US flag that they supposedly stuck on the Lunar surface. It’s a simple way prove it. In fact with all the claims about fraud, I always found it ironic that NASA doesn’t just say “well shit…just have Hubble check out the moon surface and you can still see it there.” I mean fucks sake the moon is in a tidal lock with Earth so we are ALWAYS viewing the same side of it all the time-isn’t it odd we have the ability to see galaxies light years away yet they can’t seem to a video of a damn flag on our own moon?


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