WARNING: Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods In The World


Have you ever wondered what foods are dangerous and what foods are healthy for you? Here are the top 10 most dangerous foods people still eat every day.


“1) processed grain
2) kid cereals
3) fruit juice
4) low fat__
5) plant oils
6) margarine
7) diet soda
8) sugary snacks
9) sugary drinks
10) ultimate insult to health: combine as many as possible

You are welcome, don’t mention it”
F Mills

“It’s so heartbreaking to hear all the food I used to eat since I was a child, was actually unhealthy. No wonder I developed so many health issues. My mother really tried to give us the best food possible,which was labeled as healthy, like cereals and so, but in fact, it was all trash. It will be a long journey to heal my body back after so many years,but I have so much hope, because now I can see the light for me. I’m no longer taking pills and antibiotics doctors are still giving me. I want to heal myself once and for all.” Lucia Lapina


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