Uvalde Residents Chant “Do Something” To Joe Biden


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The Jimmy Dore Show
– Joe Biden recently traveled to Texas to grieve publicly with and as a show of support for the devastated community of Uvalde after the recent school shooting there. As he departed from the photo opportunity the nearby crowd chanted “Do something!” to the President, who responded by promising that he would. But will he? Democrats’ track record of delivering on gun safety legislation has been woeful in recent years.

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“Exposing Gun Makers To Civil Lawsuits” – But Not Pharmaceutical Companies.

He IS doing something, he was walking, and he found his way to the limo. For him, That’s one hell of a trick.

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  1. Instead of chanting to Joe why don’t they do something there is little doubt those people that are dead would be alive today if the chanters had made some simple moves checked out their school for safety features like locked doors if they paid attention to what people were saying about this or that neighborhood nut job .. common sense would have done wonders

  2. I keep asking about this 18-year old luntic’s family background. Nobody is asking about origins of this family. Are they illegal? Is he a child born of an illegal parent in the US, or was he born in another country and here illegally? We need to know this and nothing is being said about it, because that would would stir up the pot that is already boiling over our porous borders.


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