They Are Waging A War Against Truth Itself | Ep. 1049



I graduated in August from Boise State University. I endured so much modern gender ideology being thrown at me during my time there. The Matt Walsh inspired me to stand against it. I never stated my pronouns even when I was asked to. One of my professors in one of the last classes I took before I graduated told us to write our pronouns in our introductions on the class website. During a zoom meeting with the professor I told her, “I’m not doing that.” The look on her face was one of genuine rage. She told me I had to. I told her that it is obvious what I am, and that she could just address me as what she knows I am. She responded by saying, “And I’m telling you I don’t assume, so you’re going to have to give me more. This is a college class…” She continued on with this nonsense. She repeated several times that, “This is a college class.” While formulating a response I thought to myself, “What does that have to do with anything?” It seemed as though she read my mind by observing my facial expressions because she stopped talking as soon as I thought this and glared at me like she wanted to tear me to pieces through my computer screen. I then said, “Okay, I’m going to have to take this up with someone else. I look forward to learning a lot in this class. Is there anything else we need to cover?”

The zoom meeting ended, and I’ll admit, I was shaken up. I wondered if I should take this up with the administration. I thought about The Matt Walsh and I told myself to remain firm and stay strong. I met with the head of the department and made the argument that it is one thing to ask a student to keep his opinions to himself during class, it’s another thing to ask him to verbally denounce his own beliefs. The department chair took my side and I got an A in the class. If it wasn’t for The Matt Walsh, I might have bent the knee and said my pronouns, but I didn’t. I fought back. Thank you The Matt Walsh.

(Not stating what class this was or the department because I don’t want to dox anyone)

Also, since one can’t tell what I am from a comment, I’ll add that I’m a dude and that I am not delusional. It wouldn’t matter if I was delusional though, because my opinion of myself has nothing to do with reality.

I hope that young man at the speech sees this and learns that Matt truly does care.


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