Target ROASTED For Selling Black Paraplegic SANTA CLAUS in Wokeness Gone Mad, Get Woke GO BROKE


Target, one of the leading retail giants in the United States, has been receiving backlash on social media after putting up a black paraplegic Santa Claus figurine for sale.

While the store may not have had malicious intentions, many are questioning the racial undertones and politically incorrect nature of this product.

The controversial figurine depicts Santa Claus in a wheelchair with a dark skin tone. This has led to accusations that Target is perpetuating harmful stereotypes about people of color, specifically those who have disabilities. The backlash began when users on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram started tagging Target and expressing their concerns.

The outrage from the public has been swift and unrelenting. Many users argue that this figurine reinforces problematic narratives about people of color being associated with disability, poverty, and criminality – stereotypes that have been historically employed to marginalize these communities.

Timcast IRL discusses this in the YouTube video below:


The white santa: plump and healthy.
The black santa: Paraplegic, confined to wheel chair.
The woke: So diverse, much inclusive!

I used to work in a drugstore, and we sold Christmas decorations.
We got a batch of Santa tree toppers in one year, and half of them were black. People bought the white ones but not the black ones. Interestingly, this included our black customers.
No doubt there will be cries of racism when Target’s black Santas fail to sell, but I know for a fact that even most black people don’t want black Santas.
Santa happens to be white, but he visits all children because, like most decent people, he’s not obsessed with race. Maybe there’s a lesson in there for the grown-ups.


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