SHOCK REPORT: Hunter Biden’s Prostitute Got a Fat Check from Joe Biden


Image from video below…

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– Gary Franchi From reports, A prostitute who appeared to be one of First Son Hunter Biden’s favorites according to his infamous laptop reportedly received over $20,000 in stimulus money shortly after Joe Biden took office.

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It’s frustrating when people get rewarded for bad behavior while those who play by the rules get screwed

Only thing that would surprise me is if anyone in Biden family did something honest and normal.

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  1. This is what democrats do piss away your tax dollars on their corruption, too fxxxing cheap to pay for their own hookers, just like the tax payers were fxxxed out of their tax dollars for his sea shore home to the tune of a half million dollars for a wall.Corruption and fxxxing cheap combination.

  2. I don’t understand how all of these communist
    S.O.B’s are still in our government ship all of
    the Communist S.O.Bs to China (where they
    are sending our money to) and if they EVER
    come back into the U.S.A. then shoot the dirty
    bast–ds for treason. IMMEDIATELY…


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