Roger Network’s Major Outage Hitting Millions Of Canadians


Patrick Bet-David Podcast Episode 170. In this short clip, John Paul Mac Issac, Vincent Oshana, Patrick Bet-David, and Adam Sosnick talk about Roger network’s major outage hitting millions of Canadians.


Canadian here. I really think it’s the people here in Canada that has kept Trudeau in power and imposing these weird laws. I used to be a Trudeau supporter and voted for him in 2016, regretted half a year later. Canadians are mostly on the extreme left. Tittering on communism. Until the people change Trudeau will stay. I often have arguments with some of the people I know about stuff like this because, well, they are extreme left. I’ve always said, people like this want equal suffering rather than unequal flourishing. This is the type of people that live in Canada. But I think the pendelum is swinging. I do have a some friends that appose Trudeau and the things he stands for. And Ive seen younger people apposing these views as well. So hopefully things start turn and we hit somewhere in the middle.Show less

Actual Ontarian here.. We have 3 providers here: Rogers, Bell, and Telus. I am personally on Bell so my service wasn’t impacted but I couldn’t pay for gas unless it was cash or use any Interac because businesses are mostly on Rogers. It was a shitshow. I have a feeling it was a test just to see the effect on small businesses (which caused massive financial losses by the way). The people here are so complacent that I fear that by the time we get to the next federal election, it will be too late. I would leave, but the country needs people to fight for it.


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