Pelosi Does Not Want Americans to Know THIS About Jan 6th…


Image from video below…

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– Gary Franchi From reports, House Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks told Breitbart News Saturday that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is covering up the “systemic breakdown of security under her watch during the January 6 protests and riots.”

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If only they would be that obsessive about gas prices and the state the country is in. I guess that’s not one of their priorities.

It’s not about not letting people in there it’s about letting people in there so she can blame Donald J Trump or one and only true president and yeah she should be punished for what she has done.

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  1. When this charade, of the dummycraps and rinos is finished, watch the backfire. They have lied so much about j6th, if all footage was showed, the cops are escorting,and allowing people in to the capital. We know who is to blame,it’s n.piglosi,and mayor bouser for not allowing the national guard Trump offered. Both should be jailed as conspirators, to the capital, set up, to blame Trump supporters. It’s time to arrest the real criminals, not ordinary citizens that did nothing but come to the capital,and were framed as disenters.


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