New ‘J6 BOMBSHELL’ Proves Tucker Carlson WAS RIGHT!


Stephen Gardner and Jack Posobiec discuss new truth coming out about January 6th capitol breach. We discuss the big Washington DC cover up for Biden. Trump is being mistreated. Trump was removed in order to keep funding endless wars for the military industrial complex.

Stephen Gardner discusses this in the video below:


Way to go Jack. I was there too and was a part of that crowd. We were singing songs like the National anthem and the Battle Hyme of the republic when out of the blue an officer behind a plastic shield on the 2nd floor perch started SHOOTING in pellets into the crowd mostly at the people near the scaffolding. The police on the landing started firing canisters of tear gas and throwing flash grenades right into us. The crowd went nuts shouting FU back at them and getting angry. I filmed it all even the officer on the second level. I just couldn’t believe the way the officers attached us. This went on for 15 minutes then escaladed into fights with the police. I got hit by a piece of a grenade and that was enough I left. I didn’t plan on dying this day and I thought the police were going to go to live bullets. My buddy and I got to my truck in shock, We couldn’t believe what the police did. We heard all the police sirens and heard on the radio the capital was breached. I thought yes that’s awesome good for the people!!!!. I put my footage on YT several times and they take it down. I am so glad you have seen the truth I saw and filmed.

Hits the nail on the head. GOP has no guts. All talk and no action.


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