Navy Prepares For Battle With Pronoun Training


The Navy puts out a new instructional video teaching sailors and other military members how to use and respect a person’s preferred pronouns. We have the actual instructional video, which you have to see for yourself. Also, Republicans sell out on gun control. But did they actually sell out or are they simply doing exactly what we expect them to do and what they always do? And a mother raises a quarter of a million dollars based on a horrific story of her son being bullied. The only problem is that the story doesn’t seem to be true. When will people stop falling for these scams? And in our Daily Cancellation, the Left is justifying child drag shows by comparing them to 90s cross-dressing comedies like Mrs. Doubtfire. But this argument actually undermines and destroys their own premise. I’ll explain why.  Video Below:


“Imagine the boot camp drill Sargent having to cater to all the preferred pronouns, it is something akin to a Monty Python skit!” Conure Ron

“I never thought the US military would be so cowardly as to bow down to this foolishness. I’m just embarrassed for everyone at this point.” T B


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