Must See: This Defeats the Entire Purpose of the Military…


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Ben Shapiro
– Several different branches of the United States Military tweeted out their support for Pride Month. Shapiro weighs in.

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I miss the days where the government expressed support for all Americans and not just the Alphabet community.

Companies when pride month comes around: You know I’m something of a homosexual myself

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  1. Time for impeachment is near, jail is in the cards, payback tE money stolen from honest tax payers, Jim Biden i’m not the fixer, joe is fxxxing crazy, two point eight million in back taxes owed? fix that, the oversight people in congress will be looking into all that and more, biden family pots of gold made flying around on the tax payer, dollar to do what? Don’t know anything, have not seen anything, don’t know why Hunter keep giving us money.


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