Must See: Ted Cruz Hammers Biden Over His Willingness to Cause Suffering…


Image from video below…

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– At a Senate GOP press briefing on Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke about energy prices.

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Yes Ted, we all have known this for a while now. We keep hearing the Republicans talk and talk about it but nothing gets done. Just like the southern boarder. How about DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!

Thank you. I’m so sick of people acting like democrat failures are the result of ineptitude. Everything they’re doing now is intentional . Everything.

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  1. As the Democrat Party loses voters they are working to replace these loses by importing more illegal immigrants. They are sending them all over the US. especially to States where they can change the balance of power. There are reports that 6,000,000 new voters will arrive in the next year. Will the new voters want more welfare ?


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