Must See: LA Approves “Unprecedented” Plan To Take Over Building


Valuetainment Short Clips

Patrick Bet-David Podcast Episode 165. In this short clip, Jedediah Bila, Vincent Oshana Patrick Bet-David, and Adam Sosnick talk about LA FORCIBLY taking over a private apartment building.

“Living in SoCal my whole 38 years and I’m not surprised with our current leadership in California. Each day California gets worse and worse. The homelessness is out of control here!” John-Ryan Carter

“This is really frustrating because we could have gotten rid of Gavin Newsom but too many Republicans ran for Governor and it split the votes up.” Jenn Jordan


  1. Tyranny at its finest. Leftist philosophy on display. This is the end result of electing people of this ilk to public office. Los Angeles and California get what they voted for.


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