Mental Illness? Dem AG Calls for a Drag Queen in Every School…


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GOP War Room
– Michigan Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel called for “a drag queen for every school,” during a civil rights conference in Lansing, Michigan on 6/15/2022.

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The first priority of school is to educate. Reading, writing, math etc. Men dressed as women fluttering around serves no purpose. A child that is illiterate and can’t add 2+2 without a calculator benefits no one. This is not the way to produce productive, intelligent young adults.

This is absolutely wrong! Defend the children no matter what!

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  1. One might ask why she thinks this ??? Is she really into this crap or payed to act like she is ??? How can anyone really belive this is the best thing to do to kids . One wonders what is wrong with these people That they want to attack kids in this way. It has to be mental health problems . If think this is OK to do … then your part of the problem. Do get some help . They got a pill for that.


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