Masturbation Has DANGEROUS Effects On Dopamine! | Jordan Peterson And Andrew Huberman Discuss


The digital era has brought many men easy access to anything they desire. At first this may seem good, but in reality these highly stimulating dopaminergic activity’s have detrimental effects on the brain specifically with Dopamine. In this video, Jordan Peterson and Andrew Huberman, a neuroscientist at Stanford, talk about the dangerous effects of masturbation and porn on the mind.


I’ve been porn-free for over a year now.

The change in my personality, my sociality, my confidence is absolutely astounding. It’s hard to get out, but get out as soon as you can

This is definitely an extremely good segment and dead on too, as I’m a recovering drug addict of 20 years (opioids, benzos, cocaine, meth). Most people who haven’t had the misfortune of experiencing that won’t necessarily recognize how strong the connection is between drugs and sex/porn addiction — both triggering a similar dopamine response in the brain. Furthermore, specifically with stimulants like cocaine and meth which tend to heighten sexual impulses, over time there will eventually become a VERY strong connection between the two. It’s not at all uncommon for meth users to watch porn and masturbate for 12-15 hours straight on the drug — which I admit must sound absolutely insane to the uninitiated, but there’s no question that this can cause considerable physical and psychological damage over time. There were points in the past where I had even sought out meth with the specific intent of doing this, despite knowing full well that the immediate aftermath was ALWAYS miserable. Eventually it basically developed into a very closely related cross-addiction.

It’s only after being in recovery for over half a decade now that I’m actually able to admit this honestly to myself and others, as shameful and embarrassing as it is, and I’m grateful these days to recognize how serious this issue truly is. It really has taken years to heal and repair the extensive damage I did to my body and brain thru two decades worth of addiction, the reality of which has only become more obvious to me over time as I continue to be even further removed from all that in this ongoing process of recovery. Knowledge is most certainly power, and I think it’s crucial even for non-addicts to understand just how devastating the disease of addiction is to both the brain and body. Stimulants weren’t even by drug of choice, as it was actually opioids that had the most negative overall impact on my life — but just in terms of psychological impact alone, there’s no question that nothing quite compared to the damage done over time with my meth/porn cross addiction. I genuinely hope anyone who is struggling with addiction will seek help, and find a way out of the depths of that darkness. It truly CAN be done, regardless of how deep in you may be — and although nothing about the process of recovery is easy, it’s most certainly worth it on every level. Keep your head up, and never give up. Much love.


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