Justin Trudeau Is Scared by Pro Choice Rhetoric


Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about the insane reactions to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Justin Trudeau expressed his horror at the overturning of Roe v. Wade, but an old tweet of his reveals that he has been disturbed by some of the rhetoric of pro-choice activists as well.


“OMG I being a born and raised Canadian have to admit I had no idea our abortion laws have gotten so out of control..I’m so angry about that. Dave as for Justin Trudeau you hit the nail on the head. He is a phony and an embarrassment to Canada. The majority of us are counting the days we get rid of him. I can’t listen to him talk and I’m tired of him embarassing us when he is in other countries. He needs to start caring about Canadians and mind his own business in other countries matters.”J Mowers

“Even when he’s saying things he believes in, he sounds like he’s lying. That’s how lost he is in his performative delusions.” Jord The Canadian


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