Instead of Taking Out the Killer, Police Do Something SICK to This Mother Instead…


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– reports, Shocking news has come out since the investigation into the incident. It now appears that the mad man was inside the school for 40 to 60 minutes before he was shot and killed by a Border Patrol agent.

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The cops should be held criminally liable for obstructing justice in an active shooter situation

There is no excuse for these officers behavior. One word comes to mind, “Incompetence” There needs to be a special prosecutor’s investigation of these police officers! In regard to their shameful behavior.

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  1. What happened at Uvalde may never come to full light. It is VERY strange that the police did not move in…why didn’t they? The one sure thing I know is that every one of them who showed up at the school should be out of law enforcement forever immediately and so should the chief who obviously let things play out as they did. Those families are going to hurt forever but when they get truly angry, I hope the city is swamped with law suits, then the chief and each of those officers. How did they stay outside when people were being killed? They KNEW what was happening? Did they not have proper training or were they just gutless, spineless people wearing a uniform and weren’t they armed?Dereliction of duty, traitors to the community, they allowed more to die by not responding properly! Ok, so another side to this is the reaction of our lame president! Why does he not support a proper investigation!? What in the world is going on? God bless the off duty Border Agent who jumped from his barber’s chair, took the barber’s gun and reacted immediately! How many lives did he save while police wandered around? Give the hero a medal and proper thanks and recognition. I bet HE wants to know why he had to do the job after running in past idle officers and he will surely be an excellent witness on the stand for the loved ones whose lives were forever changed!


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