SpaceX founder Elon Musk could help the US military in the event of a war, and that has some of America’s adversaries worried about what advantages Musk could give the US. In this episode of America Uncovered, we look at how Musk has helped Ukraine’s military, what SpaceX technology the US military may want to use, and what countries are worried about Musk’s connection to the US military.


“As a Cold War veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I can attest to the benefit of using rockets to deploy reaction forces wherever needed. However, the real lag in deployment is not the time it takes to transport the troops from CONUS to the flashpoint, but the time it takes to ready the troops for deployment. In the 1970s Marines were required to be ready to deploy with 24 hours notice. If the transit time from embarkation point to debarkation point is reduced to two or three hours instead of eight or twelve hours, it still leaves the biggest portion of time wasted in finding the troops, issuing their combat gear and embarking them on the craft for transport.” Steven Seys

“Rockets for fast delivery of supplies and troops, were investigated in the 50’s and 60’s. So it’s not a new idea. But maybe reliability
and the price allows it now. Because then the idea was that it made the fleet almost completely unnecessary, which would save a lot of money.” Niklas Molén


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