Did Uvalde Cops Shoot One of The Child Victims?


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The Jimmy Dore Show
– An audio recording has surfaced from the Uvalde school shooting that appears to capture a child claiming to have been shot and police responding with “They shot a kid?” Many are concluding that this is evidence that once police finally decided to enter the classroom with the shooter, they may have fired one or more times that struck the child on the recording.

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The reasons they use the words “school shooting” is because they don’t want to frame gun murders in the context of other types of massacres. That way they can claim, “worst school shooting,” whereas they can’t claim “worst school massacre.” E.g. “On May 18, 1927, a total of 45 people were killed, including 38 children, and another 58 were injured when an angry school board member detonated explosives at Bath Consolidated School.” Similarly that’s why the media uses the phrase “gun violence” instead of “gun murders” because “gun violence” includes suicides which comprise over half the stat thereby inflating the statistic. Similarly that’s why the media often says “the guns were purchased legally (ie at some point in the gun’s chain of custody it was purchased legally)” rather than “the murderer purchased the guns legally” because less than 10 per cent of murderers using guns used a legally owned gun. It’s stupid word games to fool stupid people who want to be fooled because they’re stupid.

If a cop accidentally shot a kid, I could be more understanding had they not also waited an hour. Holy hell.

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  1. Few long guns are used in murders and most are done with pistols. 90% of all gun crimes are done by blacks under 25 with illegal guns. So what exactly is the lib “ outlawing weapons of war and more background checks” going to do to change that stat? How about putting the little black thugs in jail?25 plus percent of gun deaths are suicides. How are new laws gonna fix that. The mass shooters are just crazies that give Leo plenty of time to stop them but they are too busy rearresting the same little thugs, chasing down parents at school board meeting that don’t want their kids brainwashed into little commies. The longer the prongs have run the edu systems and spending time getting kids to be trams and not looking at the ones that are nuts doesn’t help. Look at the stuff that can help and stop trying to take guns away from law abiding citizens who don’t shoot anyone!!!


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