Did Joe Biden Pay His Son’s Prostitute? Look at This…


Image from video below…

The Next News Network
– Gary Franchi From NextNewsNetwork.com reports, A prostitute who appeared to be one of First Son Hunter Biden’s favorites according to his infamous laptop reportedly received over $20,000 in stimulus money shortly after Joe Biden took office.

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Only thing that would surprise me is if anyone in Biden family did something honest and normal.

It’s frustrating when people get rewarded for bad behavior while those who play by the rules get screwed

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  1. Another giant waste of tax payer monies, Saudi does not give a flying fxxx about biden and his piss poor domestic cluster fxxx policies.Keep fxxxing around with the US energy policy and we will all be riding bikes, US President Biden has been criticized as “morally bankrupt”and”weak” in regard to his energy policy after it was revealed he is planning to visit Saudi Arabia to discuss the global oil crisis.SKY NEWS AUSTRALIA.this is what the world thinks of boden,most Americans see no need to disagree with that statement that his war on the American energy industry is also paid for by non American interest.


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