Content Critical of Green “Transition” Must Be Censored on Social Media


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GOP War Room
– President Joe Biden advisor Gina McCarthy said content critical of the green “transition” must be censored on social media, during a segment on Axios’ “The Infodemic Age” on 6/9/2022.

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Had a comment, tried to add it twice, but Youtube will not let me write the word -b-u-l-l-d-y-k-e.

Censorship… yep, that’s Lefty answer.

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  1. I don’t seem to be getting any oil money for the truthful comments I make about the scam that is the new green deal… you mean anyone who doesn’t believe their bs must be shilling for fossil fuel companies? What a bunch of idiots. The way they think it would mean that when Henry ford started making cars at his factory they shild have made a law that horses would no longer be permitted ? Should
    D they have waited until they had oil wells producing oil, refineries making gas, gas stations available to fill up these new cars or just demand all horses dies amd everyone MUST buy a car??
    Morons! Complete MORONS!


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