Climate Activists Mocked For Latest ‘Genius’ Stunt


‘The War on the West’ author Douglas Murray joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss the trend. #FoxNews … DOUGLAS MURRAY: They’ve been developing this for a while. And now here is their latest genius idea, gluing themselves to masterpieces in galleries in Britain. They started in Glasgow, ended up at the Courtauld Institute, gluing themselves to a Van Gogh painting. Now to a copy by one of Leonardo’s pupils of The Last Supper. And. And every time they not only showed disdain for the works of art, they used graffiti paint to spray graffiti within centimeters of these masterworks. They unveiled a sort of horrible copy of a canvas over one of John Constable’s masterpieces very, very close to damaging that work. They not only showed contempt for the works of art, which to my mind is contempt for civilization. But this incredible narcissism, this incredible narcissism, who would do this kind of thing? What kind of certainty do you have to have?


Those people need to be charged with stiff penalties!! Fine them outrageous fines!! Put them in jail for a year! SUE THEM FOR DAMAGES!!!

The media has never faced repercussions for the lies it has spread to the public. Someone needs to hold them accountable


  1. The man made global warming theory has been dis-proven many times. Every single prediction the man made global warming scientists have made have ended up not happening. The sea has not risen five feet though we were promised it would 50, 40,30, 20, and 10 years ago. we are being promised the same today. the penguins and polar bears did not disappear: in fact they have gone up in population 4 fold. every single prediction be the climate alarmist scientists have proven they are not scientists.

    You know why the climate crazies do not say man made global warming anymore? BECAUSE IT WAS PROVEN FALSE!!!!

    So they changed the name to climate change rather then accept their idea was stupid. Well climate weirdo’s your idea is still stupid.

    If you want to learn about climate change read about the malinkovitch cycles. It is actual proven science. Then you can stop being a climate idiot and have some real knowledge.

    Malinkovitch cycles = real science

    man made global warming = liberal BS


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