China Might Ban Top Gun Over THIS…


Image from video below…

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– Gary Franchi From reports, Cut to 2019 when the trailer for Top Gun: Maverick was released. Instead of patches of the Taiwanese and Japanese flags on the character Lieutenant Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell’s leather bomber jacket, there were just random patches. The reason: Hollywood didn’t want to offend China, which doesn’t recognize Taiwan as an independent nation, because they wanted their money.

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The FED has lost it and the sad fact is, it’s pretty obvious we are headed for hyperinflation. I think stores better have tight security because when people can’t afford to feed their families, things might get ugly..

Not a fan of Tom Cruise but I heard he wasn’t signing on unless they did it the way he wanted to; well done! F the woke and thank you TC for staying true to your craft… regardless of my stance on his cult, he is one hell of an actor and clearly a proud American, and you have to give it up for that especially now.

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