Biden Rambles That There Are “Major Things” He’s Done


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GOP War Room
– President Joe Biden rambled that there are “major things” he’s done, but just hasn’t been able to communicate them, during a segment on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” with Jimmy Kimmel on 6/8/2022.

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I cannot stop laughing at this comment. He has all the liberal media propping him up yet he cannot get his message out. Joe, we have received the message anyway and it sucks.

Major things he has done:

– Incompetent / botched Afghanistan surrender/withdrawal

– Shutting down access to our own domestic energy / natural resources

– Destroying the economy

– Driving the country into a recession

And those are just the major things.

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  1. There are record things he has done. Record inflation. Record gas prices. Record leaving Americans behind to be tortured in Afghanistan. Record border crisis. Record crime. Record perversion. Record business failures. Record deaths from a government mandated experimental shot that was completely ineffective. Record disapproval around the world. Record bad polling numbers. Record bribery of a president by foreign governments. Record open corruption. Record pedophile, rapist, pervert president. Record first president put in office by voter fraud. Record first president put in office already demented.

    Yup biden has done a lot of Record things.

    None I would be proud of but records none the less.

    Voting for democrats is like voting to be tied up and watch your mother and sister raped in your living room while they rob your house.


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