Biden Looks Dazed and Confused as He Wanders Across Stage…


Image from video below…

GOP War Room
– Joe Biden Wanders Across Stage At White House Pride Event, Begging The Question: What’s He Doing?

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Looks like a old man that was lost in a mall and then found his caretaker.

And all his aides that protect him and worked around him say hes so sharp hes about as sharp as a bowling ball.

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  1. What a pathetic, embarrassment, this senile, racist,perv,frail,old,puppet,fool, has become. He and his progressive,radical,liberal,socialist,marxist,commie dumbocrap party, has destroyed our country and blames everyone but himself,egotistical maniac. He doesn’t have a clue what he is doing.He needs to be removed for total incompetence, with the rest of his administration.


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