Biden Has Waged a War Against the American People!!!


Image from video below…

GOP War Room
– In two minutes, Senator Dan Sullivan laid out President Joe Biden’s attacks on U.S. energy in the last three weeks, during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the Energy Department’s budget request for 2023 on 5/19/2022.

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When was executive branch exempted from THE LAW?

Their GOAL is the fall of our Natiin. So in this context everything they’re doing makes perfect sense.

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  1. Hidenbiden and his minions, are the enemy of the American people. They will pay dearly for it in the mid=terms, and in 2024. They have allowed our country to be invaded by terrorists,cartel members,criminals,drugs,weapons and are killing people every day with their idiotic policies.We need to get rid of all of them.


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